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MOCKTAIL RECIPE : Pineapple Nettle Rosemary Brulé

MOCKTAIL RECIPE : Pineapple Nettle Rosemary Brulé

November 22, 2021 10:06 am, Blogue

Do you want a guilt-free mocktail to tag along with the fun but without need for moderation?

Here is a little mocktail alcohol-free recipe for everyone to enjoy (even for the kiddos at the kids table!)

Pineapple, Nettle, Rosemary Mocktail

- Buy or make fresh-pressed pineapple juice which adds anti-inflammatory bromelain & digestive enzyme

-Healtea Nettle & Rosemary Thirsttea infusion (organic, caffeine-free and low-carb for guilt free, moderation-free hydration)

- A sprig of organic rosemary

Optional you could even Brulé the rosemary like this  

- Ice cubes to taste!

- Stir it up & enjoy!

You're Welcome :)

The Healtea Team