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Life is better steeped. With both sparking and non-sparkling cans, you’re never far away from healthy refreshment—all day, any day.

From the Canadian wilds to your backyard.
Now shipping Canada-wide.

All of our herbal drinks are made with just four all-organic ingredients:
Water, Herbs, Lemon Juice, & Maple Syrup.

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No extracts, no hidden ingredients,<br>no preservatives, no artificial anything.

No extracts, no hidden ingredients,
no preservatives, no artificial anything.

Know you're buying the best product with the best possible ingredients.
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Remember free shipping for orders up to $50

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About Healtea

We are dedicated to healthy, wild living. With caffeine-free, low-sugar, and all-natural products made and packaged right here in Canada, we are on a mission to change how families think about great-tasting health.

With so much focus on what we eat, it's easy to forget about how much sugar hides in everyday drinks. Healtea is your shortcut to healthier living without sacrificing boldness, flavour, or fun.

By using healthy and flavourful "weeds" in our drinks, we're reminded of the spectacular power of plants and how much we overlook when we rush through life. Healtea invites you to take a break, sit down, and enjoy your day to the fullest-from sun up to sun down.

We believe all good things are wild and fresh. Now you can be too.

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What Customers Are Saying

Perfect ready-to-drink! Healthy ingredients, made in Canada, local business and tastes GREAT, better than iced tea in every way and has many health benefits! Thank you Healtea you are changing the RTD game!

Lei K.

A must try! For a much healthier option, much less sweet and refreshing (Without a weird taste) this is an excellent choice!

Laurence L.

Great discovery and impeccable service!

Valerie L.

Super discovery! A superb Quebec drink! Very good idea with nettle! Good continuity!

Patrice D.

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