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Our All-Natural Products

Life is better steeped. With both sparking and non-sparkling cans, you’re never far away from healthy refreshment—all day, any day


Ginger + Chamomile

Invigorating yet calming—crack open the fizzy zest of ginger and earthy smoothness of locally-steeped chamomile tea.

Mint + Dandelion

Familiar ingredients, wild results. Resetteea is equal parts cooling and invigorating, sweetened with just a hint of local maple syrup.

Nettle + Rosemary

An exciting new classic for health enthusiasts—bold, herbaceous, and perfect for any time of day.

Variety Pack

Taste and enjoy all three of our sparkling tea flavours with our variety pack.


Non-Sparkling Gingertea:
Ginger + Chamomile

Two calming herbal essences together in an all-natural package. Enjoy the vibrant zest of ginger and the cooling comfort of chamomile from sun-up to sun-down.

Non-Sparkling Resettea:
Mint + Dandelion

Locally steeped Mint and Dandelion bring cool and refreshing herbaceous notes, perfectly complimented by lemon juice and a touch of Canadian maple syrup.

Non-Sparkling Thirsttea:
Nettle + Rosemary

This unique blend of herbs inspired our take on the classic sweet tea. Skip the unhealthy sugar and caffeine with this exciting alternative to sweet teas, lemonade, and cocktail mixes.

Variety Pack

Taste and enjoy all three of our non-sparkling tea flavours with our variety pack.

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